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What are different types of Real Estate investment?

The type of Real estate is different. When it comes to investment everyone must think of investing in real estate. Well develop real estate is the backbone of any country. Well, develop and well-structured properties attract more visitors and tourists to any country. Investing in real property can generate a higher return. But it requires a lot of research and money. You know where to invest and what the possible return you get. Real property can be described as any land with the facilities human can add to them. The most famous examples are houses, buildings, farms, etc. there are many ways to invest in property. But you know what types of property are available in the market.

Don't know about Different types of real estate investment? 

In this article, we will discuss different types of real estate from where can start with.

Residential Real estate
Commercial Real estate
Industrial Real estate
Agricultural Land
Special land

Residential Real estate:

This type of real estate includes houses. These properties anywhere people can live or stay as a family. These properties are built specifically for end-user who want to live in a peaceful area. These houses are built for the people who don’t have time to build their own houses. These houses are built specifically for multifamily housing and single-family housing in the village and urban areas.  So here is the best opportunity for an investor to invest in this property to get maximum benefit.

This includes any type of real property that can be used for residential purposes. Single-family, multifamily houses, Duplexes, and triplexes. A new person can start from the residential property because it’s easy and less costly than commercial. Here the question arises of how to find a residential property. The answer is by visiting real estate agents, searching online like Zillow, realtor.com, many more like this.

Commercial Real estate:

When a person thinks to invest they must think of commercial property. What commercial property is? Commercial real estate includes all types of real estate from which business activity is conducted. It includes

Shopping Malls:

This commercial real estate largely deals with retails. Many people collectively invest their capital and earn handsome ROI on investment.


These are high-rise buildings with one bedroom, two bedrooms. Also, a studio apartment is available on this property. It’s part of commercial property because on the lower ground of the building there is a commercial area for shopping etc. these types of apartments are more in demand nowadays because it consumes less space and more life.


The office space in commercial property is the area that allows business to do their business. A building may rent out office space to other small businesses to run their routine work.

Gas stations:

Well, the gas station is the best investment to earn a long-term profit. You only invest once, after buying land, getting a license from the authority you can run a gas station.


Retail stores Are another type of investment available in the malls, building from where you can expand your portfolio.

Hotels, parking facilities, Theaters.

These come under the commercial property. Most people are tied to investing in these because the return on them is higher. As the return is high that means it requires higher investment as well.

Commercial real estate requires more investment than residential property. If it requires more then definitely the return on investment is also higher. According to an estimate that commercial real estate in the US is worth 14 to 17 trillion dollars.

Industrial Real Estate:

Industrial real estate is another type of property. The government of every country specified specific areas to set up industries. Many facilities are being provided by the Government. These steps are taken to uplift the economy of any country and attract more investors. In the industrial area, you may construct a warehouse, open factory, and many more things.


These types of properties are used by big retail stores to store their stuff. Because they can not stores all the stuff within stores premises. So they buy warehouses to store their stuff. Also, these facilities are also used by big wholesalers, who supply products to a wide area.


Factories are also known as manufacturing plants. These manufacturing plants consist of buildings, machinery, and many types of equipment that are required to start factory production. Most companies manufacturing plants are open in the industrial zone because it’s cheap to operate. Also, easy to get a license because GOVT always compensates them.

Agricultural land:

This type of property is used for only agricultural purposes. Agricultural land is common land given to agribusiness. The precise and controlled utilization of different types of life-especially the raising of animals. The creation of harvests to deliver nourishment for people. It is for the most part inseparable from both farmland or cropland, as well as field or rangeland.

Special land:

Special land is a type of real estate which is usually used for the public interest. This type of real estate is used to develop public parks, schools, colleges, libraries, and government buildings. These vacant land are only used for the public interest. These types of land are not available for investment.

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