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What are Different types of Investment? 2 OR 11?

Investment types are the first things to understand before investing. There are many options available for investment. First, you must understand what types of investments are available in the market and what return on that. Investment types differ for every person. Before investing must consult a good consultant. Below we explain all possible investments which are available in the market. Investment is generally divided into three categories. Cash, bonds, stock, and cash equivalents.  These categories are further divided down.

Some people say 2 types of investment and some would say 11 types.

Read the article till the end.

Before thinking about investment you must take into account that investments are majorly divided into two parts. Long-term investment and short-term investment.

investment type

Long-term investment:

Before investing, you must think about the investment period. Long-term investments usually take years plus to give you profit. If you need it before it will give you less profit or some time you have to sell on loss. But long-term investment usually gives you more profits.

Short-term investment:

These are the investment that takes less time to give you profit. These are suitable for the person who doesn’t want to stick their capital for a long turn. These types of investments are useful for people who are parents of young children. because they have to spend on education, marriage, etc.

Sometimes it gives you more profit and sometimes it gives less. It all depends on the nature of the investment. Before investing it’s your responsibility to do your research.

investment type


Stocks are also known as shares of publicly-traded companies. This is the simplest investment type. How does it work? You buy stock from the stock exchange and hold it for some time. In that time if the price goes up you sell your stock and take your profit. Also, if the price goes down you bear the loss. The other thing you must know is if you hold shares for a longer period you are entitled to get dividends. The dividend is the profits that a company announcement to give to its stakeholder at year-end from the profit they earned. Publicly traded companies for example Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. After buying stock in the companies you are the stakeholder or owner of a specified share.


Bonds are much lower risk than stocks. When someone buys bonds, they lend money to an entity. Usually, bonds are issued by cooperating Government entities. Companies issue corporate bonds and governments issue municipal bonds. Treasury bonds, notes, and bills of exchange all are a type of bonds. How it does work? When you buy a bond from companies or governments, basically you lend them some money. When these entities borrow money from you they give you interest till the maturity of bonds. After maturity, you get your principal amount as well. Interest is fixed and you get a lower return in this case but this investment type is saved. Because it is back by the companies or governments.

Mutual funds:

Mutual funds are investment types in which investors jointly invest in multiple companies. These investment types are managed by a pool of active funds manger. These managers actively look at the stock market and pick securities that will outperform. These mutual funds also carry risk lie bonds and stocks. But risks are lesser because the investment is diversified.

How it does work? The active fund’s manager buys stock, securities, and bonds when the price is down and sells these securities when the price goes up.

Certificates of Deposits (CDs):

In this investment type, money is invested for long terms on the interest rate. These investment types are less risky. Because your investment is back by the bank. In this, you simply give your money to the bank for the period that is agreed upon. After maturity, your bank gives back your money with a predetermined amount of interest.

How does work? CDs are long-term investments. Your investment is saved because FDIC insured up to $250,000. Which would recover money if the bank collapsed.

Retirement plans:

There are several retirement plans available in the market. In this investment type, your employer contributes some money that will be given to you at the time of retirement. If employers are not doing this no worries. Now you can contribute by yourself to these types of investments.

Their many private companies available in the market to provide retirement plans. How does it work? Simply open your account with a good company and deposit some money on monthly basis. When your time of retirement comes closer you get your money on lumpsum.


Options are more complex investment types. In this option investment, you are purchasing the ability to buy and sell assets at a certain price and at a certain time. In this investment type, you didn’t buy an asset in actuality. You just promise to buy a specific number of stock at a specific time at a specific rate. In this, you actively look into the market about prices. When prices increase or decrease, you buy and sell the stock.


Crypto is a new investment type. These coins are working the same as a stock exchange. You have to open your online trading account with some online exchange. These investment types also require proper attention for making money. Because you have to look at which security performs well and which does not. The coin which performs well buy that one. Hold for some time and when the price goes upsell. When again down buy them. Bitcoin is a famous example of crypto. It launched at a rate of $200 and after some years it touches $60k.


Gold is another investment type. Putting money in gold is also profitable because gold prices increase with time. How does it work? Buying gold from the open market and then selling in the future at a higher price. The difference between buying and selling price is the actual profit of the investor.

Real estate:

One of my favorite investment types. Real estate investments are a good investment because they will give a monthly handsome income if you buy a rental property. Also, your property value increases day by day. Real estate is further dropped down into two categories, one short-term property investment, and the other long-term. The short term will give you profit in a shorter period of a year. And the longer project will take a bit long time to mature. Always try to buy property at pre-launch prices because it will give more benefits.

Digital Real estate:

Digital real estate works the same as normal real estate. In this investment type, you don’t need a big amount. You only need a little amount and time to give. You can invest in blogs, domains, and websites. Just maintain these a bit and get monthly income and also it will work as passive income.

Why is investment better?

Here everyone thinks about why one should invest. They may think investment work the same as saving. But the answer is a big fat NO. Because when you start saving some money for a specific time. At maturity, you just get what did you save. But in the case of investment, you always get some extra benefits as well. For example, if someone invests in anything $5000 and after some time this $5000 may become $10000 or more. So investment always doubles your money but saving doesn’t.

Saving your money is going to devalue as inflation increases in the country. The buying power of money going down. So it’s better to invest your money to save you from inflation.

Your saving didn’t give you a monthly or yearly return. But investment gives you some return. The return may be monthly, yearly, or at end of maturity. It all depends on the type of investment that you bought.


Investment gaze always recommends you to invest in different investment types. Because investment gives you financial freedom and helps you to retire early. The investment will help you to become a millionaire and also make you a big investor. If you want to survive in this competitive world you must be an investor. Start investing from little. Because little things make big difference.

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