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How to start a Property Management Company the UK?

The property management company and real estate agents mostly deal with Landlords, tenants, etc. This property management business is only suitable for a person who loves to handle the landlords and tenants. One more important here we discuss. Real estate demands you to talk more with the general public. If you love to talk with the public then this business suits you. You may have to answer phone calls day and night. Property management will be rewarding if you look at all the necessary steps. You love to work in the Real estate business. You also manage residential as well as commercial properties.

  • Determining the legal structure of a property management company:
  • Setting up company physical office and website
  • Hire the right person for the property management company
  • Use property management technology
  • The pricing structure of a property management company
  • Setting your company marketing strategy
  • Networking
Property management company

Determining the legal structure of Property Management Company:

The most important step that you do first is determining the company's legal status. You must register the company before doing business. You must determine what type of legal entity you are going to operate. This will help you in determining what type of paperwork you need to do at the start.

People are planning to do property management business in the long run. So you think about what type of business you register as a limited liability company or corporation business. There are advantages and disadvantages of each corporation. You must consult a professional first for registering the business.

After all registering process now you have to look at whether you need a license or not. All states have different rules regarding property management business. You must check for it. In most states in the US, you must obtain a Real estate broker license. This allows you to conduct property management business and also sell and purchase. But some states require only a property management license in which you only manage the property.

After getting the information about the license. You come to know that your state requires a license to operate. Now next part you must apply for a license and get one. After fulfilling all the requirements related to getting a license now you can operate as a property management company in said area.

Business logo and Finances:

After completing all the requirements for getting a property management license. Now you must design your company Logo. After deciding all things now next most important part is managing finances. Finances are most important in the real estate business. You need a lot of capital to start buying and selling property.

Setting up company Physical office:

Most like other businesses, Property Management businesses also require a physical office. Because no one gives their property to a person who does not owe the physical office. Whenever in the future the client wants to meet the property manager where he finds him. So it’s most important you must have a physical office. At the start of business, you use your house as a property management office. Later on when your business starts growing then you shift your office to a proper location. In a market survey, I saw real estate agents who own a proper office get more clients. Because client knows they can reach you easily now and as well in future. Property management is the best career if you start enjoying your work.

Property Management company website:

In today’s era of the digital world where people search for everything on google. You must own a proper website that tells full details about the project you are doing. Also details about your business and site office, the head office must be available. By doing this your social preference is live and people search for you easily on the internet. You must hire a professional website builder. Who designs a proper Real estate website? You must include your contact information and your social media connection so people can reach you easily. You must ensure that the property management website must user friendly. If the website is difficult to navigate then your client finds it hard to contact you.

Hire the right person for a Property Management Company:

Apart from all the things, this step is the most important part of the Real estate business. Locating and hiring the right talent for any business is hard. But in a Property Management company, you must find talent and professionals who know how to handle it. In a property management company, you must hire 1: Professional accountant 2: Talented Sales executive 3: Real estate lawyer.

         Professional Accountant: You need a professional accountant who knows the Real estate business properly. He/she will be able to allocate income and expenses in the right head.  Must know how to file taxes and how to save from major expenses.

         Talented Sales Executive: you are not available all time in the office to look after clients. You must hire a talented sales executive for your property management company. The salesperson must know how to handle clients and how to deal with them.

         Real estate Lawyer: most important part of this hiring professional, is hiring a Real estate lawyer. Because in property management business sometime you deal with courts. If you have an experienced lawyer then you can easily handle court preceding.

Using the latest Technology:

This is the era of the latest technology. Before establishing a property management company you must think about how to implement new technology. One must find a way to automate the industry with new techniques. You must see after implementing new technology your day-to-day work is more efficient. Now think about what type of technology you need for your property management business. Software must include financial records, also client databases, and property databases. Tenants database and when tenants' rent is due and when they pay the rent. What type of service you are providing?

If all these facilities come under the one software then your work is more efficient. Your property management business grows easily. You must think about what type of service you are offering in your business. Are you offering vacation rental service or normal rental service? You must design your software according to your requirement and easy to understand the format.

If you are working with a real estate investor, you also give them update information as well. Your software must include that information as well. Investors are the backbone of the real estate business. If they are satisfied with your work they will remain with you for long period.

The Pricing Structure of property management company:

Any business starts by taking into view earning income. In this step, you must determine what sources of your income will be. You must know what rates are prevailing in the market. You also charge the same amount or a bit low than the established ones. Don’t charge less because you survive with this. If charge a fewer services fee then your survival will be difficult. And also don’t charge too much, if you charge more then nobody come to you for business.

You must determine your head of income from where you charge your client. Like you must charge your client a Subscription fee in this you register them on your company management software. The next is the Property Management fee, which you charge monthly annually its all up to you.

Setting your company marketing strategy:

When you start a business you must think that client doesn’t appear instantly. You have to do some research that how you attract them. You must need some attraction point. This attraction points to how clients know it by doing some marketing. Marketing is the backbone of any business. You must make a marketing strategy to get the clients. At the start, you must offer referral bounces, and fewer services fees these types of strategies to get clients.

You also have social media appearance. Because in this era people mostly search for companies on social media. Proper active social media help to get more clients. Social media platform for advertising is far less expensive than a traditional platform.

You must start google ads and social media ads to get more clients at the start. Once your brand is established then less amount will b spent on advertising as you are now a well-established brand. People know you in the market.


As all of you must listen in your schools that networking with minded people is important. The same scenario works in any type of business. In property management company networking will help you in many ways. If some other real estate agent has clients who want a rental property and your network is strong with them they refer tenants to you. That is how networking works in business. Networking will help you to grow your business and make your contacts.

In building the network, must look that you only make the connection with persons who are professionals. An irrelevant connection doesn’t help you to grow in business.

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