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Stress is a burden or physical tension that comes from an event that makes you feel frustrated, nervous, or angry. E.g if your boss gives you a project proposing an upcoming building renovation but you are unable to complete it on deadline may be because you are busy with some other office works or maybe you forget the due date. When you remember the project and you know that today is the last date and that feeling is called right at that moment is stress.


Health Outcomes:

When you are under stress there are major changes in your body that tell you about how much you are taking the tension. The most like symptom is

·        Headache

·        Aches and pain

·        High blood pressure

·        Chest pain or heartburn

·        Sleepless

·        Digestive problems

Sometimes wife asks for something and forgot to do it, yeah that is actual tension stress. And we are looking for a way how to come out of this trouble. Apart from this joke, sometimes the stress may take people suicide. The best example fits here is when we lose a job and there are 3 to 4 dependents on us then we know what is stress. 

How to Manage Stress:

Stress is the main cause of many diseases. When people are taking the stress and they don’t share this with anyone causes more burden on them, like high blood pressure and when blood pressure is high it gives birth to many other diseases as well.


The first thing must share what problem you are facing right now with your friends, wife, or family. By doing some pressure is going to release and may your friend and family give you a better idea or help you to come out from that stressing point.


Listening to some music may also help you decrease your mental stress. You must busy yourself with a favorite hobby in which you are good. E.g like I love to do gardening when I am under stress. Because when I am doing this thing my mind is totally busy in this process and I totally forgot about all the stressful things and my mind refresh and refresh the mind thing more accurately than stress mind.

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